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Digital Citizenship

The videos posted were created by Ms. Chapman's 5th period KBDG students. The purpose of the videos are to help students understand the importance of Digital Citizenship. The videos can be used as either independent work or as a whole group setting. Most have some activities within the video, so pausing and giving thinking time is highly recommended. 

6th Grade Digital Citizenship Lessons

Don't Feed the Phish

7th Grade Digital Citizenship Lessons

My Media Use: A Personal Challenge

Upstanders, Allies: Actions Against Cyberbullying

Power of Digital Footprints

Four Factors of Fair Use

My Socal Media Life

Big Big Data

8th Grade Digital Citizenship Lessons

Digital Media and Your Brain

Responding to Online Hate Speech

Being Aware of What You Share

This Just In!

Social Media and Digital Footprints

Sexting and Relationships