​​​Galileo's Regular Bell Schedule
Galileo's 2 Hour Late Start Schedule

 District and School Calendars

To manually add the Galileo Calendars calendar to your Google Calendar, follow these steps:
  1. Browse to your Google Calendar.
  2. On the left side bar click on the arrow next to Other calendars, then select Add by URL:

     Other Calendars

  3. Enter the following URL in the field provided:

    Add By URL
  4. Press 'Add Calendar'.
  5. You should now see the Galileo Calendars calendar in your Other calendars list.
Galileo Calendar  
Galileo Athletic Calendar  
Galileo Drama  


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2015 - 2016 District Calendars

D11 2015-2016 School Year Calendar - English.pdf

COLORADO SPRINGS Distrito Excolar 11 2015-2016.pdf