Textbooks are loaned to you by the school.  You are expected to have textbooks covered at all times.  If books are damaged or lost, you are required to pay for repair or a new book.  You are expected to bring all necessary supplies required by the teacher to each class.  You are also required to purchase a scholar planner to write down all assignments. 
1.      Be in your assigned seat ready to begin at the time class starts.  Stay in your seat unless you have permission to move.
2.      Have all materials you need.  Get your materials out and be ready for class to start.
3.      Speak only when you have raised your hand and the teacher has called on you.
4.      Your attention should be on the teacher or the person speaking at all times.
5.      You should begin your work right away when the teacher gives an assignment.  Continue working until you are finished.  After your work is finished, remain quiet so that other scholars can work without distraction.
6.      If a teacher corrects your behavior, do not argue.  Simply change the behavior so that the class can continue.
7.      Personal notes should not be written or passed during classes.
8.      No toys are allowed, no loud noises, no throwing things.
School District 11 policy says that no more than four hours a week of homework may be given for 6th and 7th grade scholars and no more than six hours a week for 8th grade scholars.  You are required to use your scholar planner to keep track of your assignments. 
Grades are given at the end of each quarter (9 weeks).  You will be given your report card and you are expected to take it home to show your parents.  These grades are kept in your school file and are sent to the high school.  A progress report is sent home in the middle of each quarter to show how you are doing.  The progress report grades are not final grades.  By calling your counselor, your parents can also ask for a grade check to be sent home every Friday.  Scholars who have good grades are recognized during assemblies each quarter.
Schedule changes are not made unless other solutions have been tried.  The counseling office has a step-by-step policy for schedule changes.  If you want a change, see your counselor for information.
General Rules:
1.      You are allowed to check out two items at a time.
2.      If you have an overdue or late book, you may not check out another until the overdue items are returned.
3.      A pass is needed in order to use the library during school hours (except when the whole class is escorted by their teacher).
4.      You must work quietly while in the media center.
5.      No food or drink is allowed in the library.
6.      An Acceptable Use Agreement must be acknowledged by scholars and their parents before Internet use is permitted.
7.      Only two scholars at a time are allowed on a computer.
8.      Copies on the computer or photocopier are 10¢ per black and white copy and 50¢ per color copy.