Galileo School of Math and Science
Acceptable Use Policy for Laptops
The one-to-one laptop program provides students with a tool to expand their learning opportunities virtually without limit.  With such opportunity comes responsibility.  Students are responsible for their behavior on the network and for all materials they access in a classroom or in any other location on the school grounds.  All students must comply with codes of conduct listed below as well as the CSSD11 Acceptable Use Agreement.
Students will be expected to take their laptops with them to every class they attend; they will use the laptop to complete activities as required by the teacher.  Students are expected to follow all specific classroom rules regarding class time use.  If no use is required during a specific class, the laptop will be stored safely within that classroom area.
Students will follow all guidelines in CSSD11 Acceptable Use Agreement.  Please note the following guidelines in particular:
·         I understand that I may use the District’s educational technology resources primarily for educational purposes, however, personal incidental use is allowed on a limited basis except for, but not limited to, the downloading or streaming of digital content such as videos and music for entertainment purposes.
·         I will not attempt to access, read, view, or copy inappropriate or pornographic pictures or information.
·         I will not upload, download or install personal software on the District network unless specifically authorized, including but not limited to internet browsers other than Internet Explorer, games, music/video programs, etc…
·         I will not try to block or get around the filters on the District’s educational technology resources.
Individual network (“U” drives) are set up to allow students the privilege to back up and store school-related material. In the event that a student machine has to be reimaged (returned to initial factory state) all material saved to the hard drive (“C” drive) will be lost.
It is essential that students in the laptop program back up their schoolwork frequently, in case there is a malfunction with their laptop.
Students are responsible for managing the material in their own “U” Drives.
The school network is not able to accommodate the constant uploading/downloading of such things as games, pictures, mp3’s, movies, etc. that are not school-related.  Students are not permitted to save anything that is not directly school- related to their “U” drive.  Non school-related or inappropriate items in the “U” drive will be removed by network administrators.
The media center reserves the right to reimage the hard drive for any reason without warning or consent of the user.  The media center is not responsible for any lost work.
The use of laptops at GSMS is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. GSMS reserves the right to review any material on user accounts and to monitor file-server space. A student's use of the Internet and/or e-mail may be revoked, denied or suspended at the request of GSMS staff members, administration, or parents.
See “LOSS OF PRIVILEGES” for consequence schedule.
The laptops are the property of Colorado Springs School District 11. All information will be accessible to the support staff/faculty. Additionally, the school retains the right to look at a student's hard drive if there is a reasonable suspicion that the computer is being used inappropriately or dishonorably.
 To protect the integrity of a computer system involving many users, Galileo School of Math and Science students are not permitted to:
• Reveal your password to another user.
• Use another user's password to gain access to the network or Internet.
• Read, Copy or Modify another user's files without consent.
Damage may be defined as any change to the functional or aesthetic condition of the equipment outside of normal wear.  Regardless of severity all damage found to be intentional will be treated with the same level of consequence. 
Damage must be reported to GSMS staff members immediately and referred to the media center staff.  Incident Reports will be completed for all damaged computers, whether damage is intentional or not. The incident may be escalated to involve GSMS administration and possibly law enforcement depending upon circumstances.
Violation of any of the rules & procedures addressed in this document will result in disciplinary action. *Losses that state the remainder of the quarter or one month refer to whichever consequence is longer.
Level 1 – Computer Misuse
·         use of non-academic sites, email, games without permission
·         changing background images, cursor settings, sounds, etc…
·         use of laptop while walking in hallway
·         use of inappropriate language
·         abuse of media center repair services (using media center as excuse to get out of class)
NOTE: These consequences are after the teacher has administered any in class consequences or use of STARS card. Only students referred to the Media Center for excessive abuse will follow this schedule.
1st offense – 5 school days loss of full laptop privileges
2nd offense – loss of full laptop privileges for the remainder of the quarter or one month
3rd offense – loss of full laptop privileges for rest of school year
Level 2 – Computer Violations
·         Use of offensive messages or pictures
·         harassment, insults, threats, or attacks on others
·         tampering with another student’s files
·         downloading or distributing of computer programs & games (executables), MP3’s , copyrighted material, or any programs not supported by Colorado Springs School District 11
·         revealing your password to another user; using another user’s password to gain access to the network or laptop
1st offense – 10 school days loss of full laptop privileges
2nd offense – 60 school days loss of full laptop privileges
3rd  offense – loss of full laptop privileges for rest of school year
Intentional damage to computers, computer systems or network, or other acts of vandalism or visiting pornography sites.
1st offense – loss of full laptop privileges for the remainder of the quarter or one month
2nd offense – loss of full laptop privileges for rest of school year
Table of Estimated Repair Pricing Loss, Deliberate Damage, or Neglect Repair /Replacement Costs
Broken Screen $ 300
Keyboard $ 40
Battery $ 100
Re-image of Hard Drive due to violation of Acceptable Use Policy or other damages (graffiti,
Unauthorized software) $ 20
Laptop Replacement – TBD by fair market value, varies by model and age.
Costs and laptop values are subject to change.