Bicycles may be parked and locked up in the bike rack.   We recommend that scholars use a lock to secure their bikes.  The school is not responsible for damage or theft of bicycles or parts.  You may not ride bikes on school grounds for safety reasons.
Each scholar has a counselor assigned according to grade level.  Counselors can help you be successful in school.  Counselors work with scholars in classrooms, in small groups or individually.  If you need to see a counselor, come to the counseling office and sign up on the clipboard provided.  This should be done during times that do not interfere with class.
Scholars should use good judgment in their choice of clothes for school.  Scholars’ choice of clothing should not interfere with work or study or cause disorder in the classroom.  Clothing deemed inappropriate by school officials will not be allowed, regardless of whether it causes a disruption.  You may not wear the following during regular school hours:
  •  short running or athletic shorts
  • muscle shirts as outer wear
  • sleeveless shirts with shoulders narrower than two inches
  • cut-off T-shirts or half-shirts
  • fishnet tops unless worn over a T-shirt
  • halters, midriffs and see-through tops (as outerwear)
  • sunglasses or hats
  • non-ear piercings (e.g. lip, nose, facial piercings)
  • cut-offs
  •  rubber flip-flop shoes
  • bedroom slippers or pajamas or loungewear
  •  spandex or similar tight outfits as outerwear
  • no “unnatural” hair color (blue, green, etc.)
  • no distracting haircuts, (e.g. Mohawks, spikes longer than 1 inch, etc.)
  • sagging or backless clothes
  • outfits that inappropriately bare or expose traditionally private parts of the body including but not limited to stomach, buttocks, and breasts
  • clothes, paraphernalia, jewelry, or body adornment that contain advertisements, symbols, words, slogans, patches or pictures that are sexually suggestive; gang, drug, or alcohol related; obscene, profane, promote hate, or are disruptive to the learning environment
  •  outfits that expose underwear (bra straps, boxer shorts)
  • to determine appropriate length for skirts and shorts, let your arms rest at your sides.  The clothing item must be no shorter than the reach of your longest finger.
 Occasionally, dress code concerns arise which are not directly addressed in the school rules.  School administrators will review such concerns individually and will make a decision as to the appropriateness of a clothing item or accessory.
Food and drink are allowed only in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch unless special permission has been given.  Food and drink are not to be taken outside to the playground after lunch.  Food and drink are prohibited inside the building except when kept in a lunch bag/box and when a teacher sponsors and supervises lunch/snacks in the classroom.
You will be given an ID card when your school picture is taken.  This is used for checking out library books, riding the bus, purchasing lunch and for half-price admission for school events.  You should have it with you at all times.  If you lose your ID card, $5.00. 
If you are sick, get a pass from your teacher and come to the main office.  Staying in the restroom when you are sick is not allowed.  You may lie down for up to ten minutes, then you must return to class or go home.  If you are going home, office staff must talk with a parent to get permission to let you go home and you must sign out in the main office.  Do not call home from a classroom or a cell phone when you are sick!
If you lose something, report it to your teacher immediately and check with the front office.  You should not bring valuable items or large amounts of money to school.
Lockers are the property of the school.  You are assigned a locker for your use, but having a locker is a privilege.  Keep it clean and neat.  Do not leave food or drinks in your locker for long periods of time.  All items in your locker should have your name on them.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR LOCKER COMBINATION TO ANYONE, NOT EVEN YOUR BEST FRIEND!  There is a $2.00 charge to change your locker combination.  The second change costs $4.00, further combination changes are not allowed.  If you have a problem with your locker not working right, get a pass from your teacher and come to the main office for help immediately.  You may not use your own lock.
Galileo serves breakfast each day, beginning 30 minutes before school starts.  Breakfast is $1.15.  You may bring your own lunch or buy lunch in the cafeteria.  Hot lunch costs $2.05.  Lunches may be bought in advance for a week or month, etc.  Free and reduced-price lunches are available for those who qualify.  Forms to apply for free and reduced-price meals are available in the counseling center.  New free/reduced meal applications must be filled out at the beginning of each school year.  Your must have your ID to purchase food in the cafeteria.
If you have prescription medicine that must be taken during school hours, the medicine should be left in the main office in the original bottle with the prescription information and the doctor’s name on it.  A permission form must be signed by your parent and your doctor to give the school staff permission to give you the medicine.  If you will be taking medication at school, the doctor’s order and the medication must be left in the main office.  School staff are not allowed to give any other medicines to scholars, including pain relievers, cold medicine.
If school is closed or on a late start because of weather, it will be announced on all radio and television stations.  If you do not hear about School District 11 on the radio or television (Adelphia Channel 16), we will be having school at the regular time.   If weather conditions cause school to be closed early, it will be announced on the radio and television.  Scholars will be sent home two hours early.  You should have already made a plan with your parents about what to do when there is an early dismissal; this plan should be written on the “Early Dismissal” form and will be kept by your homeroom teacher.   Any updates to the District’s Inclement Weather policy will be published in the school newsletter.
FALL:girls track (Aug 25. – Oct. 15), boys wrestling (Oct. 6 – Dec. 6)
WINTER:girls basketball (Oct. 16 - Dec13), boys basketball (Jan. 12 – Mar. 7)
SPRING:boys track (Mar. 16 – May 13), girls volleyball (Mar. 9 – May 9)
Scholars are expected to show courteous behavior while participating in any sport.  Scholars are also expected to show manners at any athletic event they are watching.  District 11 athletic fees are:  $40.00 per sport; $20.00 if a scholar is on reduced-price lunch and $15.00 if a scholar is on free lunch.  A physical examination is required for participation in any sport.
Office phones are for school-related business only.  If you are sick or injured, you must use the phone in the main office to call a parent.  Arranging rides home, or getting permission to go to a friend’s house, etc. should be done before you get to school.  Please keep your call short to be courteous to other scholars.
Parent/guardians are welcome to visit any time after first checking in at the main office.  Scholars from other schools are not allowed to visit unless they have their parent/guardian with them.
You are expected to obey all traffic signals and signs and use the crosswalks.  Do not walk in the street.  Please be courteous and respectful of our neighbors’ property.